Carol White (Executive Director)

Carolyn Woolgar (Technical Director)
Angela  Skinner (Program Assistant)

Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labradors Board of Directors has up to nine members who are elected by the GNL membership on one to two year terms at the Annual General Meeting.

GNL’s board is a strategic board and focuses on a number of key areas each year: determining the mission and monitoring focus of the organization, setting policies, ensuring adequate planning for both strategic and annual operations, ensuring appropriate resources are in place to meet needs of the organization and working closely with the staff to deliver the objectives and high quality services and programs to our membership and participants.

Rod Hutchings (President)
Renee Roul (Vice-President)
Karen Gosse (Treasurer)
Julia Pohling (Secretary)

Shelley Collier (Director at Large)
Krista Hansen-Robitschek (Director at Large)
Jason Letto (Director at Large)
Shelley Moores (Director at Large)
Angela Parfrey (Director at Large)

Past Boards of Directors

Human Resources Committee

Krista Hansen-Robitschek (chair)
Karen Gosse

Communications Committee

Shelley Collier (chair)

Governance Committee

Angela Parfrey (chair)
Renee Roul
Jason Letto

Finance Committee

Karen Gosse (chair)
Carol White

Issues Management Committee

Julia Pohling  (chair)
Shelley Moores

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Each club that has athletes in WAG
is represented in the committee
by one delegate

Men’s Artistice Gymnastics (MAG)

Each club that has athletes in MAG
is represented in the committee
by one delegate

Judging Committee

Kyle Murphy
Karen Gosse
Renee Quick
Pilar Maldonado


Steven Nolan
Natasha Nappolloni
Shawn Holloway

Elite Athlete Development Committee (EADC)

Each club that has athletes in WAG
is represented in the committee
by one delegate

Recreational Gymnastics

Shelley Collier
Julia Pohling